Design Book Cover - Survivor Guilt
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Dark Fiction, Thriller


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MAR 2014

One year ago, Nick Daly drove the car that killed his best friend and severely injured himself. After twelve months of losing his friends, family and his future, the former professional athlete has been forced to return to the workplace.

When he spends a late night at the office with his new boss, a charming but mysterious man named Benjamin, they are trapped in a room when two hit men enter the building. The two of them hear the screams of Benjamin's ex-girlfriend who is killed in front of them as they hide.

His traumatic past takes a toll on his psyche and he is kicked out of his apartment. Nick is forced to live with and emotionally support his boss, a near stranger. The more he gets to know him, Nick doesn't know who to trust. Will the hitmen return and kill the witnesses? Was Benjamin involved?

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