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I’m Alexandre, a graphic designer with over 16 years of experience both as a designer and art director. All my professional life I have been used to to deal with different types of projects, but now I’m putting all my experience in Book Cover Design and I’ve been designing covers for authors from all over the world.

In fact, now more than ever, you have to do just that. Instinctively, people are drawn to good design and an appealing book cover will always stand out. In today’s market, good is not good enough. A great book cover attracts readers, captivating them as it as it fires their imagination and makes them want more. Today, independently published books not only must compete with other Indie books, but they must go up against huge traditional publishing powerhouses too. To rise above the competition, to cause readers to reach for your book and not another, a strong statement and forceful branding is required. In short, your book’s cover is the best merchandising vehicle there is. Designing outstanding cover art is challenging work. It is what I do best and enjoy most. To create the best visual metaphor for your book, the correct typography, colors and images is critical. But there is more.The design elements selected must be aesthetically pleasing for both the print edition and for the thumbnail's smaller sizes. That is difficult, but entirely possible if executed with care. However, the cover must look good and be good in order to fascinate readers and cause them to choose your book. For me, nothing is more enjoyable and rewarding that working with bright, creative people. In collaboration, we will turn your concepts into a great cover. Click on here now to see how easy it is to begin.

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