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Chick Lit, Humor


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MAR 2014

One should not put anyone … above all else!!!
Once you do that, well then you’re committed both body and soul to them. 
Absolutely!  It’s like placing a beautiful, jeweled crown on your head. Looks stunning … but then, they all look amazing and you just want to try them all on, don’t you?  Lambro loves his wife, in fact, he absolutely adores her, but he is at the same time what one calls, ‘a ladies’man’ … what can the poor man do?  It’s not entirely his fault now, is it?  And of course, it’s not Bia’s fault either when she, too discovers that she’s not too bad at flirting… in fact, she realizes that she’s got what it takes to do it, and do it well.  Or perhaps, is Chrysa at fault, her sister-in-law? Oh no!  In Chrysa’s case, it’s a different story altogether … it’s without a doubt, Gregory’s fault… her husband’s! 
It’s like doing the Maypole Dance, exchanging and intertwining the ribbons into a plait …
Be patient now, you’ll all have a go at it, no need to rush.  Some will get their share of sex, another will get love, yet another will get cuckolded … yes, that especially!  Lot’s of cuckolding involved in this game!!!
A story rich in humour, sex, love, revenge, passion-filled, piled with wrong-doings, situations which could easily have taken place or do take place under our own roof.
God forbid! … you might say!  Okay then, at a friend’s house or your sister’s, or even your in-law’s.  What is absolutely and without an inkling of a doubt certain, is that this is a true enough story, as it brings everything out in the open, hiding nothing at all, since it is not afraid of telling the story as it truly is, at times using a bit too spicy a vocabulary which depicts the exact true quality of its characters. They all do their best and even go beyond themselves, in order to offer us laughter through total realization.  The realization that if we, ourselves do nothing to seal the gaps in our relationships, life itself pops in to close them off, one way or another.

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