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APR 2013

Ninety percent of the 3 million who served in Vietnam were classified as Support Troops. They were not sent there to fight. Hidden Army examines the types of jobs performed by the support troops and the adventures -- some painful, some humorous -- that occurred.
Unlike previous wars, Vietnam had no front lines. Therefore, Support Troops faced an unprecedented set of challenges in the course of their duties. But medics and engineers, communications people and airmen, sailors and supply reached record levels of achievement in support of the fighting men.
Hidden Army is an oral history based on interviews with over 150 men/women from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines who served in Vietnam between 1958 and 1975. The participants describe, in their own words, what they did -- their frustrations and triumphs, their accomplishments and regrets.
This book on Support Troops fills in a long-missing piece in the literature of the Vietnam War.
An Oral History Examination of Types of Support Troops in Vietnam.

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