Design Book Cover - Japanese Roses
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Drama, Novel


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JUN 2013

December 7, 1941: The Miramoto family’s second generation is torn apart, separated in the United States and Japan. After Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, their lives would change forever. Kimiko Miramoto must find a way to survive alone in Japan, the enemy’s country, without being a traitor to her own. In America, Maggie, Akio, and Akio's Caucasian wife, Rose Marie, are labeled enemies of the United States. Taken from their homes, imprisoned, and separated in different internment camps, their hopes, dreams, and loyalty to their beloved country are put to the ultimate test. Japanese Roses tells the story of one Japanese-American family’s incredible struggle to survive, caught in the tides of World War II and conflicted by national loyalty, forced to endure unspeakable betrayal and injustice. Spanning the years of the war for the Pacific, Japanese Roses tells the story not only of one family, but of the struggles of all Japanese Americans during a time when they were labeled the enemy both in their own country and the country of their parents. Alternating between the eyes of Maggie, Rose Marie, and Kimiko, the story moves from the streets of Seattle as the bombs are dropped in Pearl Harbor, to the prison camps that lined America's West Coast, to the devastation of Hiroshima as the war drew to a close. While all three women are separated by the war, they share one goal: They want to go home. But will their homes even exist in the aftermath of the of the war? And will they all reach that place once the last bombs are dropped?

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