Design Book Cover - Pattinson's Curse
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JUL 2017

When Johanna Pattinson is forced to make a choice that runs contrary to everything she believes in, the stakes are deadly.

'Pattinson's Curse' is the first novel in a trilogy that follows the legal career of Johanna Pattinson: from solicitor to barrister and finally to judge. At every step the spectre of this terrible decision hangs over her, threatening to destroy all she holds dear.

Raised in a man’s world, on a sheep farm in far western Victoria, Australia, Johanna believes she has escaped her life of hardship and oppression when she begins her career as a solicitor in Melbourne in 1981.

But the legal profession attracts some powerful and twisted characters.

Four men will shape the rest of Johanna’s life: one she will love, one she will despise, one she must overcome, and another who will do his best to destroy her.

Will she be doomed forever by the decision he forces her to make, or can she escape ‘Pattinson’s Curse’?


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