Book Cover - Killer Pack
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E-book Cover Design KILLER PACK
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The E-book Cover Design KILLER PACK comprises:

  • - 2 E-book Cover Design options – including all changes until you are satisfied

  • - A final JPEG ready to upload

  • - Stock images (royalty-free) from

  • - Does not include the creation of specific characters. However, if you think that your cover needs a particular character, or group of characters, it can be created with an additional cost that starts at $100 and that depends on its complexity - it is recommended sending an e-mail asking for a quote for this service before submitting your brief and paying the deposit.

  • * The E-book Cover Design KILLER PACK gives you 2 different covers to choose from within 10 days. Both covers can be changed and if afterwards you are not still fully satisfied with it, additional cover designs will be presented based on your directions.

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Payment terms

A 50% deposit must be paid in advance, and the remaining 50% on final approval.

After completing the briefing form you will be directed to the payment page (online payment through PayPal), and the brief will be sent once the deposit is paid.

100% money back guarantee – all changes and new designs are free of charge, and if you are not happy with any of the final covers presented your deposit will be refunded.

Note: the briefing form is only sent to us once the deposit has been paid.

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It is not recommended to include specific characters or scenes from the book - the small thumbnail of your cover will be displayed among other covers and a simple cover will pass a clear message and draw the readerʼs attention.

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E-book Cover Design Order

Briefing form

Personal details

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E-book Details

This information will be used to design your cover

Ebook information

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    Toyo Shibata

    "Don´t Lose Heart"

    I had a wonderful working relationship with Alexandre. We started out with just a background designed by Alexandre I liked, which developed into our final selection after many discussions. Alexandre always responded to my request and made many suggestions that were always right on. I am real pleased and would recommend her services to anyone wanting superior work. I rate it a five star experience.

    Lou Y. Sugimoto

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    John W. Otte


    2013 winner of the Parable Award for Excellence in Cover Design

    "... Alexandre’s designs were among our favorites from the very beginning. And when his second design came in (which became the one we eventually chose) my partner e-mailed me right away to say how much he loved it. He's terrific to work with and is a first-rate designer." ?

    Jeff Gerke - Marcher Lord Press

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    Mandy Rowe

    "A Broad Abroad"

    What I loved about Alexandre design was he read the brief and work to that. I wanted Chagall's colours and he delivered. Nothing was too hard for him. He went the extra yards and delivered a superior product. I live in a small country town with one or two designers. To think I had artists from around the world working on my project is astounding. I now have a book cover that I'm happy to show the world.

    Mandy Rowe

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    Finley Aaron

    "Vixen—Book Four of the Dragon Eye series"

    Very talented designer, polite and gracious, quickly made any requested changes to the design. Excellent communication. Wonderful to work with! Very, very highly recommended.

    Finley Aaron

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    Steve Windsor

    "Cramdown Massacre"

    After working with Alexandre Rito, I'm totally sold. Alexandre was both professional and skilled. He worked through the process with me, making changes and tweaks quickly and accurately. He is a highly skilled designer and in my opinion I got a screaming deal working with him. Alexandre provided all of the files I asked for and explained their use to me wonderfully. After examining his layered Photoshop file it was clear to me that he is not only a talented artist and designer, but he is also a meticulous and very organized professional. The file was well labeled, well organized, and included everything that I needed to truly own my design. I would highly recommend using Alexandre for your next design. He is excellent!

    Steve Windsor

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Please confirm your requirements

Ebook Cover Design - $250 (50% deposit)
Price: $125

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extras information

Optional Extras available to promote your book

All extras selected will be added to the pack price and the payment terms will be applied (50% deposit).

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Optional Extras 50% deposit

Total - $125

Once the brief is completed you will be directed to PayPal – if not, please contact us.

* The price includes the use of royalty-free images from Nevertheless, the license of the images is limited to 250,000 prints or sales (in E-book case). The unlimited use of each image can be provided for an additional cost. For more information please go to (licensing) or contact us if you are interested in purchasing the unlimited rights of your coverʼs images.

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